Professional Farmer

Farming simulation game that replicates the running of a real farm


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  • Category General
  • Program license Demo
  • Version 2014 1.0
  • Size 982.96 MB
  • Works under: Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Playway S.A.

A farming game where you tend the fields.

Professional Farmer is a farming game simulator that has limited appeal, but then the same is true for most simulation games. It gives you a brief and sanitised view of farming life without the gritty real life elements and without having to take your shirt off and get your hands dirty.

Watch Gamers Try The Game Via Online Videos

Watch people online try to load the bales of hay because it is funny. What they do not realize is that the hay will not come off the tractor forks on its own. You counter-intuitively have to push the fork down and then put your tractor into reverse.

Like many simulation games, Professional farmer is repetitive and dull. It is unfair to criticize Professional Farmer 2014 for being this way because if it were not repetitive, then it wouldn’t resemble real life farming.

Why Can’t It Resemble Life Even More?

It would have been fun if they had taken a risk and gone a little further down the real-life path and have added more things. They could have added a cheating spouse, government subsidies, crooked buyers, your choice of crops, marketing your crops, farm boys sleeping with your daughter, and the insurance company ripping you off for the repairs on your jeep.

Even without all of the realism, they could have at least added animals. It would have been a welcome addition to the game, and an addition that may have encouraged more people to buy it.

How Does It Look?

With regards to graphics, it would have been good if the game had supported anti-aliasing so that the bloom would be lower. Sometimes the graphics looks very nice, and the mornings and evenings look amazing.

Some people call the game relaxing, and it sort-of is. You are in a nice setting, you have reasonably good graphics, and the pace is intelligently slow. It has better graphics than its nearest competitor, which is Farming Simulator 2013. You get to see track marks on the grass, and your equipment gets dirty as you use it.

There are quite a few performance issues - mostly lag. There are patches, but they are community created for the most part because the developers have abandoned the project. The career mode is mostly lather, rinse, repeat with no animal dynamics/feeding, and the amount of downloadable content is very low.

Controlling Your Tractor Is Easy

Compared to similar games, the tractor controls are more realistic, physics are better and there are seasons. The map you play with is better because you don't feel so alone. Yet, the game still feels somewhat lacking. It appears as if the developers had a finite budget and they stopped the moment they hit it.


  • A relaxing game
  • Has some realistic features
  • Nice graphics


  • The developers charge for the patch
  • Very repetitive
  • Gets boring pretty quickly
  • Somewhat lacking
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